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What is Roll With It?

Roll With It offers a curated selection of board games delivered right to your door each month. Each month's games are carefully selected based on popularity, complexity, relevance, genres, and mechanics to offer you a wide spectrum of games and give you the opportunity to explore games you wouldn't normally try.

Every month's box includes new games and sometimes expansions to games in the current box, but never any expansions to games from past boxes. This is to ensure that you will always be getting games you'll actually be able to play. We also don't want to make any assumptions about what games you might own.


We offer three different plans for Roll With It that you can pay monthly, semi-annually, or yearly for:

  • 1 - 2 Games / Month (Games Averaging $60 Total Retail Price)
  • 1 - 3 Games / Month (Games Averaging $90 Total Retail Price)
  • 1 - 4 Games / Month (Games Averaging $120 Total Retail Price)


We want to be as fair as possible, and we understand that sometimes we might end up adding a game or games that you already own to the current month's box. To mitigate this, we offer the ability to skip a month entirely or the option to "reroll" a game or your entire box once every 3 months.

Rerolling means that you let us replace one game, or the entire box (your choice), with another game of equal value. You won't know what the replacements will be until it arrives at your door.

To reroll a box, send us an email to with your subscription number and whether you are rerolling one game or the entire box. We will send you an email confirming we received your reroll request. 

Make sure you send your request at least 1-2 days before the 1st of each month when we ship the boxes out. If you send your request after that, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honour your reroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I get my games?
A. We ship games out immediately at the start of each month. Expect processing and handling to take 1 - 2 days and, depending on where you are located, shipping to take 3 - 5 business days.

Q. Do you offer this subscription internationally?
A. Currently Roll With It is only offered for USA residents only. If you purchase a subscription and live outside of the USA, the subscription will be cancelled on your behalf and you will receive in-store credit equal to the amount you spent.

Q. What's in a Roll With It box?
A. All boxes contain at least one base game and will never include expansions to previous boxes, only the current box. We don't want to make any assumptions about what games you own.

Q. I already own a game in this month's box, what should I do?
A. If you already own the game, you can choose to either skip the box entirely or do what we call a "reroll". To learn more about rerolling, please see the "Rerolling" section above.

Q. Can I return any of the games I receive?
A. At the moment we do not accept returns for Roll With It games.

Q. How many games will I receive each month?
A. Each month we try to give everyone the best games and value we can offer. Sometimes this means you will receive one significant game whereas other times you might receive multiple smaller games. We will let you know in advance what games you will be receiving every month as well as the associated retail value.

Q. My games were under the advertised worth, what gives?
A. Advertised values are given as averages and we try our best to always provide more value than less. Sometimes the total value will be slightly over or slightly under. 

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